Samy Moussa

Samy Moussa is the amazing Canadian composer I’ve been working with on an opera for the Münchener Biennale 2014. In English, the opera is called Vastation; in German, it’s Wüstung. There’s a little information (in German) about it on the Biennale website. This has been a really unusual collaboration for me, certainly compared to that […]

Emily Hall

On Thursday last week, Emily Hall – with whom I’ve been co-writing songs for quite a few years – won a Paul Hamlyn Award. Emily had been nominated on five previous occasions, so it was starting to look dangerously like what book-world-people would know as Beryl Bainbridge Booker Syndrome. Paul Hamlyn have put a few […]

Why Write About Unimportant People? – Part 4

Having buried epiphany stories last time, I’m now going to try and dig them out. To start with, I need to do a little clarification. One of the things I attacked epiphany stories for was being secularized religious experience. If you don’t believe in anything transcendent, then it’s bogus to have your main character experience […]