December 2014

There’s been activity.

Life-Like is out. It’s a collection of interlinked short stories, concerning the lives of Paddy & Agatha (from Ghost Story) and the individuals that they meet, and the individuals that those individuals meet, and so on.

Some of the stories have appeared elsewhere: 

  1. ‘Paddy & Kavita’, SHORT FICTION, Issue 2, 2008, edited by Anthony Caleshu
  1. ‘Agatha & John’, Torpedo 7, 2010, Melbourne, edited by Chris Flynn
  1. ‘Paddy & Veronika’, Horizon (April 2011), Salt Publishing’s e-mag and Barcelona Review.
  1. ‘John & John’ winner of the Manchester Fiction Prize 2009. (WARNING: THE TEXT CONTAINS STRONG AND OFFENSIVE LANGAUGE.)
  1. ‘Paddy & Henry’, Mechanics’ Institute Review, Issue 5, Autumn 2008.
  1. ‘Agatha & Max’, appeared on the University of East Anglia website, #newwriting, edited by Nathan Hamilton.
  1. ‘Paddy & Agatha’ runner-up in the Ilkely Literature Festival Short Story Competition 2011; a short exerpt appeared on the festival website and the whole story on the Writer’s Hub.
  1. ‘Veronika & Roger-Roger’, shortlisted for the Willesden Herald International Short Story Competition 2010 and published in Willesden Herald New Short Stories 4, edited by Stephan Moran
  1. ‘Joseph & Emmanuel’, Wasafiri, Issue 65, Spring 2011, edited by Nisha Jones and Sharmilla Beezmohun
  1. ‘John & Ophélia’, Tales of the DeCongested 2, edited by Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone and Paul Blaney, December 2008

Thanks to all the editors.



I had a story on Radio 4, called ‘The Fall of Paris‘. It’ll be available there for the next month.

I did an interview with Brett Strohl of the bloodygoodhorror website about Dead Boy Detectives. Sadly, the comic will be finishing with issue #12. Next for Charles and Edwin (but not Crystal) will be a return to The Children’s Crusade. Expect this in November 2015.

My interview with Neil Gaiman about libraries went all over the shop. Full text is here. The whole Arts Council magazine is called Create.

The whole of Life Cycle, the song cycle I wrote with Emily Hall, is up on her soundcloud now. And the words are on flexipress. We’re hoping to write some more songs next year. And produce our musical, The Dead Tree and the Kissing Tree.

9 Things You Need to Write a Novel was the most successful post on this blog. It spiked at about 1,000 hits a day, then tailed off beautifully. I intend to follow it up, perhaps with 9 Things Your Novel Doesn’t Need.


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