Keston Sutherland Material

As a follow-up to What is Literature?, I’ve gathered together some of the best accessible things of Keston Sutherland’s. You could find these yourself, but I’m putting them together into a suggested order.

You could begin by buying Poems 1999-2015, published by Enitharmon. (Odes to TL61P is still available. Most of the pamphlets are out of print.)



It itself.


Among the readings you can find online, this new-ish poem, ‘Brace’, is probably the easiest way in:



To be followed by the essential HOT WHITE ANDY.



For some of the basics, and a lot of the more-than-basics, Geoffrey G. O’Brien gave an astonishing (in generosity and insight) introduction to Sutherland as part of the Holloway Reading Series. And this might be the best first piece of critical appreciation of Sutherland’s work.

In following through with a couple of usefully explicatory statements by Sutherland, you could read The White Review Interview with Natalie Ferris or Political All The Way Down, from Laura Kilbride’s interview in The Literateur.

Or see what Sutherland had to say at the Militant Poetics and Poetry Symposium.


For the full argument, you need to find Sutherland’s Stupefaction: A Radical Anatomy of Phantoms.

This reprints Happiness in Writing.

Also online, Theses on Antisubjectivist Dogma, Statements for revolution and/or poetry. An exchange with Joshua Clover, Always Totalize: Poetry and Revolution. Keston Sutherland’s staff page at the University of Sussex.

Useful writings about Sutherland include David Gorin’s Radical Formalism, Matthew Abbott’s review of Odes to TL61P on 3:am magazine the poetry of destroyed experience.


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