Life Cycle: More Lyrics 2

In the second posting of lyrics that weren’t used in the final version of the song cycle I wrote with Emily Hall, this is something a little bleak. A new mother considers her former self.

Life Cycle is being performed this Saturday, February 2nd, in London, at King’s Place.


The funeral


I’d like to hold a funeral

although no-one is dead

(no-one dead officially)

I know that I am dead.


I’d like to mourn them properly

this person still alive

(though living less than partially)

I’m sure I’m not alive.


I’d like to lay them in the ground

to make sure they’re at rest

(beneath the swings and roundabouts)

I so would like to rest.


I’d like to say a few brief words

‘We shall not see their like…’

(these words can be the usual words)

you know the words I’d like.


I’d like to walk away from them

then have them follow me

(although I can’t tell me from them)

so I follow me.