Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively: Review

Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively My rating: 5 of 5 stars This acute, ambitious novel was unexpected. It had been recommended to me only a couple of times, but by people whose opinions I took seriously. I thought Moon Tiger would be polite, lyrical, easily-put-asideable. Instead, it’s a tight, vastly ambitious, tender and troubling (in […]

Home Farm by Janet Sutherland: Review

Home Farm by Janet Sutherland My rating: 4 of 5 stars I will declare an interest: Janet Sutherland was one of the other writers at Hawthornden Castle, where was a writing fellow last year. Some of these poems were written there, and read out at the end of the day on which they’d been written. […]

Edinburgh: Poem

  Edinburgh   A cough that is a sigh that is also a question.   Gordon Yes spent all of his time and most of his energy being Scottish.   In a deep tartan room soup is served plain   There is a war between the firs and pines which the rhodedendrons are winning.   […]

Description is a hut: Poem

  Description is a hut.   Someone got the blizzard they were promised.   Description is a castle described as a hut, halfway between hearth and her.   In the whiteout, reached, its interior expands to become both lungs.   Children imagine playing there, but are never permitted to approach it until it has been […]

Valley (Sno-Po): Poem

  Valley (Sno-Po)   The snow makes plain the plains leaves the slopes sketchy;   it clarifies the trees, their branches and their branches’ inter-distances.   To some bits adds more information, details only a transparent woman or man can see they can’t see –   when their lungs are fretted by chill filigree, before […]

TWIL: Poem

  TWIL   Wait until the sun has gone down and then turn out all the lights in the place where you live. Look, this is the place where you live. What the electricity brings is a showbiz version – an entertainment hub – somewhere edges are more distinct and so ambiguities are less succulent. […]