I hope, if you followed them through, you got something out of the last 10 Lessons.

I tried to make them as useful as possible.

I’ve collected below some resources for you to use to take your writing, reading and re-reading further.

  • I am the Fiction Editor of MIR Online, Birkbeck College’s online magazine. You’re more than welcome to submit a story.
  • Here are a few short story writers you could investigate: Franz Kafka, Katherine Mansfield, Jorge Luis Borges, Clarice Lispector, Alice Munro, George Saunders, Eley Williams.
  • The Open Culture website has lots of links to short stories. Here’s their search page.
  • The Caine Prize for African Writing website compiles previous winners.
  • I learned a lot about writing by reading what writers had to say about what they did, and especially by looking at how they worked on the page (crossings out, second and third versions of a sentence). The Paris Review Interviews are a wonderful resource for this. They ask lots of detailed questions and always reproduce a single page. But you can go further. If you discover a writer, have a search around and see if you can find a way to look at their manuscripts or typescripts online.
  • My suggestion was that you stick to writing short stories for the time being. Some of you might think that’s rubbish, and decide to ignore it, so I’ve collected my advice about writing novels in one place.

If you have any comments about the Lessons, or suggestions, or questions, please post them here.


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