Impatience – A short story

Today, some good news – a short story of mine, ‘Impatience,’ has been longlisted for the Sunday Times Audible Short Story Award. It’s the impatient version of my novel, Patience, which will come out in August 2019.

The story is very similar, in both, but also – I hope – radically different. Readers who are curious about it can choose to be patient or impatient.

GBP_LITT_Patience_Blk Cover_v2_Page_1

I feel differently about this story to others I’ve written. It seems, to me, in either short story or novel form, just about the best thing I’ve done.

Not just written, done.

This is largely because I was visited by Elliott, a once-in-a-lifetime narrator who is nicer, wiser and generally better than I am. He is also a lot more patient – as he needs to be, given his circumstances.

If you would like to meet Elliott, he’s waiting here. (This is an extract from the novel, not the short story. So, you’re being patient.)