Writing and Shit – Intro

I’ve written a writing manual, and I’m going to serialise it here.

It’s called Writing and Shit by Toby Litt.

It’ll be weekly. It’ll be free. It’ll include exercises. And you can help me a lot – if you think you can learn something from it – by commenting on what you found useful and what you thought skippable.

I am going to cover roughly what I cover in the first term of the Creative Writing MA at Birkbeck College. And I’m going to draw on all that I’ve learned from the students, and from what they most frequently ask of me, secretly want from me, and unwittingly need from me.

Thank you to my students.

Go to the first Chapter.

5 thoughts on “Writing and Shit – Intro

  1. That’s so great. Thank you. I will be teaching a writing workshop in Montenegro from August 26, and your posts will be most helpful. Best regards!

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