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Around the publication of Patience, I’ve written and posted a few scattered things that link up in lots of sneaky ways – so I’m doing an ICYMI blog.

  • First thing was my blog here explaining the whole thing, and why the book is so important to me.
  • The fuller story of writing the novel, I covered in a lecture. A secret lecture. You can also watch or listen to this.
  • Then there’s a playlist I put together for Galley Beggars Press of what I was listening to, whilst writing the book. (It’s on Spotify.)
  • There’s a Beatles song included in the Galley Beggars playlist, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, and I’ve wanted to write about what they mean to me for a long time – and to say something adequate about Paul McCartney, after being snarky elsewhere.
  • And more recently, a collection of the words of – I suppose – inspiration that I kept in mind, so that I didn’t stray from writing the book as intensely as I could.
  • Also, which was really enjoyable, I put together a Top Ten for the Guardian of Great Escapes.
  • And I did a podcast for Galley Beggars, about doing nothing – about a Buddhist form of doing nothing. (It’s on Stitcher as well as Soundcloud.)
  • For full disclosure, I’ve posted a couple of videos of me writing Patience – at Hawthornden Castle. (This I have never done before.)
  • I did a blog containing the sketchbook I kept during that snowy time. And the photographs I took.
  • So far, I’ve done a couple of interviews about the book. One with Leigh Chambers of Cambridge 105 Radio, and another with Stella Klein of MIR Online.
  • There have been some outstanding reviews of Patience, among them Houman Barekat’s for the Guardian and Jude Cook’s for the TLS.
  • Best of all has been the response of the first readers – either via email or twitter. Thank you to anyone who has been in touch.
  • One final thing – if you do happen to read Patience, and are wondering what of mine to read next, I would suggest either Ghost Story or Lilian’s Spell Book.

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