Poem posted on my 52nd Birthday



We lie within the deep flow

feeding constantly. We

seep slowly beneath ice-packs

green like peppermint tea.


We feed and then when full, feed

more until it’d ache

to eat another mouthful.

Float, totally replete.


Sea-creatures stippling ocean

twilights, flickering true

blue fluorescence and glowing

far down into the black.


More join, fleet in the moonlight,

rising up, up, up from where

pressure is a fact, weighing

stress equally on us all.


Waves roam, tickle rocks, beat beaches

raw, roar bitterly, keen

wife-like for a lost sailor,

or spray sorrows inshore


with dull fogginess. Unless

skies soothe, day by day, bays

are bowls of wept tears and spurs

reap harvests of salt grief.


Aeons, unremitting war

between wet and dry, air

and silt, rippling and lava –

moon-forces and core-forms.


We, sea-diplomats, flow free,

here, there, everywhere, seeking

peace, yearning to reconcile

all might within a black night


of calm after-storm, quiet

beat re-treating, repeating

defeat defeat as if it were glory,

and eating difference whole.