Something’s not right with storytelling

I’ve had some really thoughtful and passionate responses to the first part of How to Tell a Story to Save the World – recently published on the Writers Rebel website.

It seems to have helped some writers clarify what they were already thinking and feeling.

(Something’s not right with storytelling.)

I’ve already heard that it’s being put on the syllabus at one university English course.

Here’s the pitch:

“Toby Litt’s [insert big-up type adjective, or perhaps two] book tells the [adjective to suggest thrilling] story of five screenwriting gurus, and how they invented, refined and supercharged our sense of individual heroism – and collective defeatism. And it will show how that story can be challenged and changed.”


Each chapter asks what the real effects are of “just telling a really good story” – in films but also elsewhere.

Perhaps some really good stories turn into really bad stories – particularly if you tell them over and over again, until they seem the only story there is to tell.

The second part is up today. There will be three more to follow, one per month.

Please have a read, and let me know your thoughts.