How to Tell a Story to Save the World

Over the past few months, I’ve been serialising a new, short book about creative writing on the Writers Rebel website.

It’s called How to Tell a Story to Save the World. It’s covered five screenwriting manuals by five storytelling gurus, World War Z in novel and movie form, and today the final chapters went up.

Among other things, they give seven suggestions as to how we can all avoid endlessly rewriting the Hero’s Journey.

Here’s number 5:

Don’t be lazy. The lazy way to make a scene work is to increase the conflict – to default to escalation. This is corrosive of any sense of humans just being able to get on with stuff, in couples, groups and communities. There’s enough external conflict, enough challenges to think through, without always showing bickering, disagreement, argument and violence. At points, for realism, this might be necessary. But don’t be lazy. All you’re doing is ratifying despair.

I’m looking to gather new ideas and approaches, so if you get the chance to read it please let me know your thoughts.