How is A Writer’s Diary Going to Work?

Launching A Writer’s Diary has been both thrilling and nerve-shredding.

It has been wonderful to see subscriptions coming in. Even at such an early stage, there have been some fantastically generous paid subs.

And this is before you really know how the Diary is going to work.

Here is how the Diary is going to work.

From January 1st, you will receive an entry every day – usually arriving with you in the early evening (because, by then, the events will have happened and I’ll have found a moment to write my diary).

Some entries will be a page long, some will be only a few words, or a single word.

But is it just your diary?

No, all of the entries already exist. All of them have been written, rewritten, moved around, plotted. But I will be rewriting them, day by day, as I go along.

In this Diary, I firmly believe, is some of the best writing I’ve ever done. Writing I wouldn’t have been able to do in any other form than this. And writing, as you’ll see, that’s itself about a vivid relationship between writer and reader.

Once it begins, the Diary will run in real time. I won’t interrupt to refer to subscriptions, Substack or anything else. And I will unpublish posts like this.

Along with the daily entries, there will also be occasional Inserted Pages, which – once the old paywall comes along – will only go out to paid subscribers. These will contain the stuff I’m not sure I should be including, and so might want to take out at a later date.

The good news is, you can subscribe now, and see everything, without paying:

Get 100% off forever

This offer won’t last forever.

You can also share this post, and this offer, with your friends.


However, as well as the Diary pages, I’ll also send out a few parallel posts just like this one – under the heading A Writer’s Diary Grab-Bag.

I’ll tell you more about those, and other extras, another time.

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