Radio, Radio

Two fun things you can listen to, if you feel like it.

On Friday 8th April, I appeared on the 20th Anniversary Edition of Radio 3’s The Verb.

It’s always a delight to hang out with Ian McMillan, and to be in the studio with the other guests.

For this episode, I was first asked to imagine twenty years into the future. I said, ‘Yes, but it’ll be really depressing.’ They said, ‘Can you make it funny, too?’ So I did my best – throwing some Riddley WalkerFinnegans Wake, Alan Garner, Captain Caveman, and anything else I could think of into the gumbo.

You can listen here. My bit starts around 11:30 minutes in.

On Sunday 10th April, my songwriting partner Emily Hall was featured on Radio 3’s The Listening Service. It’s a fascinating programme about Song Cycles and Concept Albums. Emily spoke about the three cycles that we’ve written, so far (Befalling, Lifecycle, Rest). That’s listenable here. Emily’s bit starts around 14 minutes in.

You can also listen to some of the songs in this playlist.

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