We Can Send Letters

I’ve been focussing on A Writer’s Diary, over on Substack, for most of this year. It’s been going really well, and I’m grateful for all the support I’ve had from readers of this blog.

However, there have been other things going on. Today, for example, I made public a letter I’ve written to Terence Mordaunt, one of the Trustees of the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Clearly, he and I disagree on a lot of matters. But it’s not an aggressive or shaming letter. Rather, in writing it, I tried to look back on his life and wonder about the decisions he’s made.

Terence Mordaunt is a very successful man – worth millions – much of it earned through his involvement in the Port of Bristol. And as well as the GWPF, he’s a Trustee of the Outward Bound Trust.

I have fond memories of going on Outward Bound weeks when I was eleven or twelve. I had a great time. It was all about going a bit wild in nature.

You’d think that someone involved in that would be more concerned about preserving the nature that future children are going to go wild in.

Writers Rebel is publishing a letter to a different Trustee of the GWPF every day this week. Sir Jonathan Porritt and Monique Roffey’s letters are already out. Please share on twitter and elsewhere, if you feel like supporting us.

Also for Writers Rebel, I’ll be compering a great reading in London – this Saturday – outside Tate Britain. If you’re able to make it down, please come along and say hello.