Patience Events this Week

I don’t usually post about readings, but as I am doing *three* this week – and they’re standing in for a Patience launch party – I thought I’d let you know: Monday 2nd December, I am reading with a load of exciting new writers as part of MIRLive at the Harrison Pub, near King’s Cross, […]

Writing and Shit – part 21 – Hiding Dialogue

HIDING DIALOGUE The English playwright Harold Pinter was famous for his dialogue. This is what he had to say about the reaction to his work: We have heard many times that tired, grimy phrase: ‘Failure of communication’… and this phrase has been fixed to my work quite consistently. I believe the contrary. I think that […]

Patience Stuff

Around the publication of Patience, I’ve written and posted a few scattered things that link up in lots of sneaky ways – so I’m doing an ICYMI blog. First thing was my blog here explaining the whole thing, and why the book is so important to me. The fuller story of writing the novel, I […]

Writing and Shit – part 18 – Breaking your statues into two pieces

ALL BY YOURSELF One of the biggest faults in stories by less experienced writers is that they are about extremely isolated people – people who start off by being isolated and don’t end up making much contact with others. This is not, in itself, a bad idea. There have been many wonderful stories about people […]