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    • Hello. I’m sorry to say that none of them are, so I can’t really help out. Brighton. Bedford. London. Those have tended to be the locations. Best, Toby

  1. Dear Mr Litt.,
    I came to your site hoping to find the transcript of your interview with J G Ballard dating from July 2006, as cited by P Tew (in ed. Baxter, 2008 p. 118). Alas the link given seems no longer valid. I was wondering if it was located elsewhere and could be accessed by this humble Eng Lit (mature) postgrad student writing his dissertation.
    Many thanks
    Mark R Davis

    • Dear Mark,

      although I replied via email, an unreplied to message here looks very bad. I hope you found the interview, which I definitely did send, useful. I read Concrete Island at the weekend, after discussing the forthcoming adaptation of High Rise by Ben Wheatley. Seems like I may be collaborating with some academic writers on an immediate response to that film, when it comes out.



  2. Dear Mr. Litt,
    We tried to contact Cathryn about the Hungarian rights of Corpsing, but she hasn’t answered yet. If you could help us somehow, I would be very grateful, because we really like the book and really care about publishing it.
    Thank you ver much in advance,
    Sofia Nador
    Libri Publishing

    • Dear Zsofi,

      that’s great news. I was in contact with Cathryn today, and she will definitely be in touch very soon. (I think the delay was, they were checking with me whether rights were available.)

      Very best wishes,


  3. deadkidsongs when googled should lead to thousands of results numerous forums with endless posts discussing the ending and what it all means so simpletons who failed to fully comprehended everything such as i, might leech this knowledge and later pass it off as their own at book clubs and the like unfortunately as this is not the case and you and your work do not appear to have reached enough people for this to happen(which is a travesty by the way) i am forced to come to my own conclusions, to actually think about something and not just find the answers online its an outrage! a glorious outrage thank you and damn you for such an engaging read that wont leave my mind! 10/10 (apologies i realise this may be an incorrect forum to post this message but twitter and its 140 limit would not do)

  4. Hi Toby,
    I’m a college student, currently taking English course. My professor gave me the story “The Monster” that was written by you.The story seems to be really interesting, but there is a little issue, main message of the writer to readers. I’ve already read this 14th times and still don’t get the message, whats the purpose of this story? Is it not understanding of who we are in this world and forgetting ourselves? or something different? Please, help me out, because the only a writer knows the answer.

    Thank You,

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