I write and deliver one of these a year. They sort of build, but you can start anywhere. I’d recommend Sensibility or The Secret Lecture.

Simple, Stupid – Minimalism in Prose (2009)

Sensibility (2010)

Sentences (2011)

Souls (2012)

Sympathetic Central Characters (2013)

Swing (2014)

Sutherland – What is Literature? (2015)

Sport – or, What Can Writers Learn From Athletes and Coaches? (2016)

Success!!! (2017)

Self – Some Notes on the ‘I’ in Non-Fiction (2018) (You can also watch this one.)

The Secret Lecture (2019) (You can also listen to and watch this one.)

Story – in an Adventure with Zombies! (2020) (You can also watch this one.)

Satire – How to Be Funny in Words on a Page for Good Reason (2021)

Sustaining – How to Keep Going as a Writer (2022) (You an also listen to and watch this one.)

If you find these interesting, you might like to read the other literary essays in my book Mutants.