James Frey: An Interview

[This interview with James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces, took place on August 1st 2008 at the Covent Garden Hotel. James Frey was promoting his novel Bright Shiny Morning. The interview was commissioned by Waterstones’ Books Quarterly Magazine, and appeared there in shortened form. Here is the full thing.] Whether or not his […]

Why Andrei Tarkovsky’s Boring Films Are Not Boring

It’s undeniable: many people find Tarkovsky’s films uniquely boring. They also find them precious, pretentious, unendurably slow and finally mystifying – or just mystificatory. Here’s one reviewer: ‘Um, if you were driven to distraction by the slow pace of 2001: A Space Odyssey, then you’ll be well advised to stay clear of this film. Solaris […]

When Is It Impossible To Be Distinctive and/or Original?

Here follows a thought experiment. It’s very unlikely – I know – that this experiment is itself original, but I haven’t consciously read it elsewhere. I start with a question: What is the least within which it is possible to be distinctive or original? The least what? The least stuff, scope, area. For the moment, […]