December 2014

There’s been activity. Life-Like is out. It’s a collection of interlinked short stories, concerning the lives of Paddy & Agatha (from Ghost Story) and the individuals that they meet, and the individuals that those individuals meet, and so on. Some of the stories have appeared elsewhere:  ‘Paddy & Kavita’, SHORT FICTION, Issue 2, 2008, edited by Anthony Caleshu ‘Agatha […]

Hanging with the Dead Boys

  ‘Neil Gaiman has given me permission to write Death.’ About nine months ago, I found myself whispering this sentence to a comics’ fan. It was an attempt to impress them. They were impressed. I was impressed. I was also scared. Although I wasn’t really supposed to tell anyone, I had been given the extraordinary […]

New Website

The old www dot tobylitt dot com was just getting too tiny-text on phones, and too un-updateable generally. Sorry to those who liked it. Bits of it will be reappearing here – especially if requested. Therefore, from now on, all writings, doings, askings, likings and linkings will be happening wordpressly. Hello and welcome. I hope I […]