December 2014

There’s been activity. Life-Like is out. It’s a collection of interlinked short stories, concerning the lives of Paddy & Agatha (from Ghost Story) and the individuals that they meet, and the individuals that those individuals meet, and so on. Some of the stories have appeared elsewhere:  ‘Paddy & Kavita’, SHORT FICTION, Issue 2, 2008, edited by Anthony Caleshu ‘Agatha […]

Poets, Composer Emily Hall Needs Your Words

      Lewis Carroll’s lovely square 6×6 poem is the lead in to a request from a friend of mine, composer Emily Hall. If you’re a poet, and like formal challenges here are the rules… Emily Hall (@emilyhally) is looking for some (sorry fb) twitter-generated text to set to music, for performance by the […]

Emily Hall

On Thursday last week, Emily Hall – with whom I’ve been co-writing songs for quite a few years – won a Paul Hamlyn Award. Emily had been nominated on five previous occasions, so it was starting to look dangerously like what book-world-people would know as Beryl Bainbridge Booker Syndrome. Paul Hamlyn have put a few […]