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Starting to Write

The 10 week course I’ve written, to help beginning writers. Your new story starts here.

Writing and Shit

You’re a writer, and you’re in the shit. I wrote this manual to get you out of it.

You on the page, only better

This is a short guide to laying out your fiction – explaining why little things like page numbers are importing.

9 Things You Need to Write a Novel

The most popular blog I’ve put online. Tries to sum up what I’ve learned about writing long-form fiction. (Time is important.)

9 Things Not to do in #NaNoWriMo

But this also applies if you’re starting out on the first draft of a novel at any time of the year. What to be fussed about, and what you don’t need to sweat.

9 Reasons Your Novel Might Not Be Published

Hopefully not too harsh, or cynical – my take on the route from starting writing to getting someone enough on your side to put your book out, perhaps even in ye olde hardbacke.

How to Tell a Story to Save the World

About the relationship between storytelling and ecology. Particularly forwards the idea that more heroes are the last thing we need.