Writing and Shit – Problem Pages

In these changed circumstances, when lots of people have lots of novelist-type-time (inside, in yesterday’s T-shirt, in front of a screen with words on it, in doubt), I’m going to add something else to the usual Writing and Shit posts.

First, I’m going to do a Problem Pages/Agony Aunt type blog. I think I can probably give useful answers to three questions from three writers. If it goes well, or there’s a good response, I’ll do another.

Are you a writer who is in the shit with a particular story or novel? Send me your question, and I’ll try to give some helpful, practical advice. Be specific but try to keep it under 100 words.

Your question can be about technical matters, work routine, psychological attitude, anything. (Well, not about how does someone start to write? This series is about getting out of the shit once you’ve got into it.)

Please post your questions below, and I’ll make a selection and put up the three answers next week (Friday 27th March).

And, perhaps, who knows, the answer to your question may already be up in one of the previous Writing and Shit posts.

2 thoughts on “Writing and Shit – Problem Pages

  1. Okay here’s mine: my last novel intentionally fell between genres, it started out as one thing and became another. When trying to sell it publishers turned it down because they couldn’t work out how to sell it, it wasn’t horror enough to be marketed as horror, war enough to be a war novel, literary enough to be pure literary fiction.

    Should you pick a genre to aim for, to make it as easy as possible to sell your work? Or go where the project goes?

  2. Thinking more and more about the impact that this will have on my creative practice – I will have less time – homeschooling two children with SEN – and my husband is also now working from home – I have a chronic health condition so writing for me was cathartic – but was already struggling with the big project – a YA novel – yet so close to finish line – however wondering if now the time is to put it to one side and focus on poetry and short stories instead. Thanks

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