At The Playground You Meet Someone Amazing – A new short story

My mother had a stroke. Luckily, it was quite minor. She was still able to read, though more slowly. There was a gap in her vision – an absence where sight simply didn’t take place. Because of this, she wasn’t able to drive. My mother’s stroke changed our family. None of her children had started […]

So Long, Whale Bum

This – a new story about the band called okay – has just gone online in The Manchester Review.  To give you some idea how seriously I took it, that’s what I called my first solo album.                    


Why Souls? What could be more irrelevant? What’s Souls got to do with anything? You’re not going to go all Archbishop of Canterbury on us, are you? I do a Summer Lecture every year. When deciding what its subject is to be, I think about two things: What will be useful for you to hear, […]