STARTING TO WRITE – A Free 10 Lesson Course on Writing Short Stories

Do you want to learn about writing?

You’re in the right place.

Maybe you’ve thought about taking a Creative Writing MA, but seen how much it costs. Or perhaps you’d like to go to a local writing group, but there isn’t one, or it meets at a time you can’t make. Or perhaps you just want, quietly, by yourself, to learn some more about writing.

This is a Course for complete beginners, or those who have written a little, or those who have written quite a bit but want to go back to the start and get better.

In 10 Lessons, I will take you through the basics of writing short stories – just as if you were sitting among the other beginning writers in the Creative Writing workshop I run at Birkbeck College, London.

I’ve been teaching at Birkbeck for 10 years. Over that time, many of our Creative Writing MA students have gone on to win competitions, to get agents and to be published. All great. But more importantly each and every one of them, whatever their level to start with, has improved as a writer.

You won’t need to buy any books. Hopefully, you won’t even need to buy any stationery.  Lesson 1 will deal with Preparing to Write. (It will also involve a bit of writing.)

All the reading materials – usually short stores – will be available online. And, when possible, I will link to videos as well as to stories.

There will be writing Exercises, and there will be some Reading. Each Lesson should take you around an hour to complete – but this may vary, depending on how fast a writer you are.

The Lessons are all online right now. There’s no need to sign up.

I look forward to helping you write better stories.

(If you’re interested in following my own writing process, please take a look at A Writer’s Diary.)


Go straight to Lesson 1.